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Weight loss diet program

Weight loss diet program

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Gaining weight is one of the most  common problem of the mordern lifestyle and plagues almost all age groups . Each one of us wants to look and feel good and sadly today we associate being thin with looking good and being healthy. From adults to children everyone seems to be facing this lifestyle problem and are constantly finding new ways , looking for new ideas and diets to tackle this problem . Losing weight seems to be the new “IN” thing. Down the years various diets , rather food fads have been in vogue , high protein diets, mono diets (diets that focus only on one food group ) crash diets ( eating little or nothing at all ), Atkins diet , South beach diet, blood group diet , no carb diet etc etc the list is endless . There are many easy ways to lose weight , some are healthy and some not so healthy and about some others the lesser said the better. We all at some point in our life have tried to lose weight on our own by eating less , exercising more or a combination of both and many of us have been successful too, but unfortunately  are not able to maintain the results and are often left with unwanted side effects as  wrinkles , sallow skin ,hairloss, sagging to name a few  of such ‘ do it yourself’ diets

At ‘get fit with Tithi’  we believe that weight loss diets should actually be called ‘’ Health Plans’’ because that is what they are supposed to do –  Improve your health . In accordance with this principle we have formulated diets that help you do just that

  • Our diets help you to lose weight
  • They improve your overall health and nutrition quotient
  • Are high in minerals and vitamins and loaded with fibre
  • Our weight loss diet program is  home food based
  • They are specialized weight loss diets
  • Our weight loss diets are tailored to suit your lifestyle    
  • Easy to follow and fun to eat
  • Nutrient intense, high in fibre, minerals and vitamins 
  • Our weight loss diets become a part of your lifestyle 
  • Do not make you gain the weight back 
  • Our weight loss diets become a part of your daily routine and eating pattern  
  • Will help you enjoy life while eating out with family and friends
  • Do not leave you feeling guilty or singled out 
  • Are customized eating programs include all food groups with a holistic approach .
  • Are well balanced and based on improving the overall health of your body 
  • Cure the underlying problems associated with modern lifestyle and weight gain 
  • Come with a holistic vedic approach
  • No crash diets or  mono diets
  • Do not cause hair loss, or wrinkles or any kinds of aches and pains
  • Never leave you feeling exhausted or worn out
  • Our weight loss diet program includes four diets in a month with regular follow ups and  personalized attention 
  • They include regular guidance for making smart food choices to eat better
  • Most importantly they help you maintain the weight once you have finished with the program

Apart from this our weight loss diets include ….

  • Regular updates 
  • Smart eating tips 
  • Advice on food fads and food trends  
  • Lifestyle management advice 
  • Complimentary maintenence diet 

Are all a part of the weight loss diet program . All these go a long way in ensuring that the  weight that you lose with so much effort does not come back the moment you start eating normal food . And because they are based on normal home cooked food, so, there is never going ‘’ON’’ the diet and going ’’OFF’’ the diet . Plus a  maintenence diet  that comes complimentary with a six and a three month weight loss diet program ensures that you are confident enough to maintain your weight yourself once you have achieved your target . The bottomline however would be that it is very important to maintain a healthy weight and an even healthier body fat ratio. The earlier we understand this and more importantly understand the implications of being overweight the better it is . A good weight loss diet program should do just that .. So choose wisely.




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A face and that smile is the first thing that motivates you to love your body and take care of it. Her patience and involvment in your case is what makes you follow her diet to the tee. However the best thing is the agility in changing it to your needs as each persons body reacts so differently.I was 32 when i had a stroke and got paralysed . The doctors couldnt find the cause why it happened. When you leave your two year old son alone and you are at the hospital, then you try to eliminate all that is wrong and for me it was my obesity. In less than 6 months i managed to shed 20 kgs with just her diet and 40 minutes of walk.

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On: 13 Sep 2018


I love Tithi! She is patient. She understands your goals and preferences! She helps you maintain your diet so that you don't fall off the wagon in 2 days! She is amazing! If you are looking for a quick fix. This isn't for you. Tithi believes in reaching your goals in a healthy way.
I would recommend to anyone & everyone who wants to live a healthier life!

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On: 06 Nov 2017

Tithi is an amazing dietician.Shes helped me a lot for my weight loss programme. With her it is health at my doorstep.It's time for a healthy living so go ahead and join the plan you are looking for.

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On: 06 Aug 2018
Tithi Prabhakar
Dt. Tithi Prabhakar
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