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Diabetes diet program

Diabetes diet program



The concept of diabetes diets have changed a lot over the years , in today’s times knowing the glycemic index of foods has more relevance in a diabetes diet than what to eat and what to avoid . One of the most easily acquired lifestyle diseases is type 2 diabetes . India will be the diabetic capital of the world by the year 2050 but very few people know that upto 80% of diabetes is curable with food . Diabetes diet and lifestyle modification plays a very important role in managing diabetes.Diabetes diet and lifestyle modification plays a very important role in managing diabetes . The words diet , food  and  nutrition are not new to the world , infact the word ‘diet’ originates from the Greek word  “diaita” , which literally means  –  “manner of living”  The Chinese widely believe that  –  ” we are what we eat”  and most dietary guidelines follow nature's lead . Eating with the seasons and following an energetically balanced meal plan in harmony with the environment , is followed to stay healthy ...


Diet forms the most essential part , in the treatment of diabetes mellitus .  Planning a  diabetes diet for a diabetic is simple once the essential components such as age , weight and type of diabetes have been kept in mind . In the management of type 2 diabetes, a diet fulfilling the following criteria appears to be most effective Here are a few key features of the diabetic diets at ‘get fit with Tithi’

  •  Our diabetes diet are based on  Low Glycemic Index of foods
  • .Our diabetes diet include  High Complex Carbohydrates
  •  Our diabetes diet are  High in Fibre
  • Our diabetes diet are  monitored regularly
  • Our diabetes diets include various holistic tips and home remedies
  • Our diabetes diets are simple and easy to follow 
  • Our diabetes diet program includes various health tips 
  • Regular diabetes counselling on various associated problems
  •  Tips on foot care 
  • Advice on exercise routine 
  • Healthy recipies 
  • Advice on  the vedic way of eating 

Weight management is the key to managing diabetes and your diabetes diet can help you do that . A healthy balanced diabetes diet can help with weight loss and also reduce your blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a modern day disease that is caused by unhealthy food habits and  lack of exercise. Success and failure with any drug that helps in lowering blood glucose levels depends on dietary adherence . Many diabetologists believe in the concept of  “ glycemic index “ . Understanding the glycemic index of various foods is the need of the hour . Physicians of ancient India as  Charak  and Sushrut  treated diabetes  with barley and bengal gram diets  more than 2000 years ago . So , it is not a surprise that bengal gram  today is considered a food with one of the lowest glycemic index ..Food and medicine are the original pillars and the shoulders on which modern medicine stands . But in recent decades , food and medicine seem to have taken divergent paths and the natural healing properties of food have been diminished in the wake of modern technical progress .Relearning the role that food plays in our health can set the clock back and teach us more abut the importance of food and diet. It will force us to give it its due and in turn help us manage our disease better.



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