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Specialized Diet program

Specialized Diet program

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At Tithi’s , we take pride in stating that this is a one stop e-clinic for Specialized diets . We provide a Specialized diet program which is

  • Customised according to an individual’s personal dietary requirements
  • Smoothly addresses chronic and life altering problems by way of food

The Diet Program 

  • Helps with problems of modern lifestyle 
  • Helps you to manage your disease better

We have diets for all ailments as

  • Diets for Thyroid   
  • Diets for High Blood Pressure 
  • Diets for High triglyceride level 
  • Diets for High Cholesterol
  • Diets for PCOD,
  • Diets for High Uric acid 
  • Diets for Arthiritis 
  • Diets for Juvenile Diabetes (diabetes in children ) 
  • Specialized diets for Juvenile Obesity (problem of being overweight in children) 
  • Diets for bad eating habits in children
  • Specialized diets for the Elderly 
  • Specialized diets for Gastric problems as constipation , irritable bowel syndrome 
  • Specialized diets in Pregnancy 
  • Diets for diabetes during Pregnancy  
  • Diets for athletes and fitness freaks  
  • Specialized diets for a healthy heart 
  • Specialized group programs / sessions for corporates 
  • Diet counselling for schools
  • Specialized diets for brides to be

A specialized diet program  for expectant ‘Mommies’ to address all nutrition requirements for ensuring a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and a healthy chubby baby . If the prescribed specialized diet is followed, we assure you of results and the assurance is borne through the long experience of the dietician who, after interning at PGI, Chandigarh, has worked at VLCC Marine Drive , Mumbai, followed by a stint as Head of Department of Lazarus Hospital, Vizag and thereafter at the Indian Naval Command Hospital INHS Sanjivani at Kochi, Kerala.  We have Specialized diets to address the special requirements of growing children while keeping in mind that ‘fun foods’ are not necessarily ‘junk foods’. Experience how your child starts to enjoy a high protien, high fibre, high energy  diet which will ensure weight management along with the the added benefits of the child gradually acquiring sound health , increased immunity, and all this through normal daily intake of foods . We will specifically address the requirement of providing a healthy and wholesome ‘kid’s tiffins’ while ensuring that they do not become repetitive or mundane .The e-clinic has a dietician having a vast and varied experience in specialized diets adressing the nutrition needs of sportspersons especially the ‘running’ fraternity who participate in long distance runs . We at this e-clinic are fully awake to the fact that our elders require a  special diet to ensure a healthy and worry free old age. Towards this , special care is taken while preparing their specialized diets so that all required nutrients are available to our elders with minimal interference in their normal eating habits and routines . A healthy heart is the key to a healthy and active life, A specialized diet for people suffering from high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels is something we are confident about. If followed diligently , three months is all that will be required to not only get the levels in control but also to inculcate the healthy habits as a lifestyle change for a healthy heart. Remember , It’s never too late to care for your heart . Dont wait for a heart attack to start a healthy heart diet. Hypothyroidism is a common problem along with PCOD affecting young girls and women . It is the primary cause of   weight gain , irregular periods , poor eating habits and other problems . A well rounded specialized diet which ensures weight loss along with relief from the various annoying symptoms is the key to such a problem . Specialized diets for brides to be , to ensure a clear,  healthy glowing skin for the “special” day along with a super body . High Blood Pressure is another such common lifestyle problem affecting millions of people many of whom are from the younger generation , Unfortunately most of the people affected by this modern day disease take a bit too lightly, not realising that it is often a precursor to kidney and heart disease .

Thankfully we realise it and are armed with the knowledge and experience  to help you manage and control your disease better with a specialized diet program . Gone are the days when Gout and Arthiritis were considered to be diseases of old age and part of the natural progression . Very few people realise that these ailments can be contained and managed very effectively with a Specialized Diet program . Similarly ,  Uric acid levels  are very easily reduced and symptoms can be managed with ease with our diets and the experience of hospital work along the years makes it very easy to cure and get relief from the painful symptoms . A specialized diet program for something as simple as Anaemia , Menopause and Constipation is also available and can be customized to suit your lifestyle and to fit into your daily life .

As they say ‘you are what you eat ‘ a healthy and fit body ensures a healthy and efficent mind . General awareness regarding good food habits and special group diet counselling sessions to tackle modern age problems of long working hours, bad eating habits and inability to eat healthy due to a hectic lifestyle and lack of exercise are some of the issues that are addressed . Busting myths regarding food and food fads, Smart eating tips, guidance for a healthy lifestyle  , healthy cooking recipies  will ensure a high nutrition quotient along with weight loss. All  specialized diet programs are based on home made foods and individual lifestyle, eaing pattern and food likes and dislikes. They will help you lead a better and much more comfortable life .  Your specialized diet can help you manage your disease better giving you full control over your life. The  specialized diet will improve your overall health and help  you lead a better and more comfortable life.


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I had approached Tithi not only for weight reduction but also for adjusting the energy levels throughout the day. She heard me out patiently and was very empathetic to my needs. Within a short period of one month I had not only reduced three kilos to get to my ideal and comfortable weight, but also my energy levels have greatly stabilised. She has also been actively refining my diet plans regularly ever since depending on my physical and mental requirements. A Dietician with a personal touch....
Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 19 Aug 2018

Last year I switched over from running full marathons to ultra marathons. During the five month training period, in the absence of any diet plan, I lost considerable weight and reached 6 kgs below my ideal weight of 72 kgs. This year didn't want the repeat of last year, so consulted Dt Tithi Prabhakar prior to the start of the training. Have been following her plan for the past 4 months and have maintained within 1 kg of my ideal weight. Best part of her diet plan was that it didn't have any fancy food but only the most readily available and widely used ingredients. The diet is easy to cook and the plan easy to follow. At an average running mileage of about 85 kms per week, with the recommended diet plan, not only have I maintained my weight but also feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Highly recommended.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 03 Aug 2018
Tithi Prabhakar
Dt. Tithi Prabhakar
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