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If there is one age old saying that we all believe in and would like to follow, then it has to be -“Prevention is better than cure “ but this is easier said than done. The rising cost of food, hectic lifestyles along with a heavy dose of food fads is making it progressively difficult to maintain an appropriate diet that is not only nutritionally balanced but also fits in the budget. Surprisingly a diet that is healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Locally and seasonally available inexpensive foods if used in correct combinations can be equally nutritious and light on the pocket as well. Here’s how…

1.TURMERIC(HALDI) – Turmeric is the most commonly found spice in all kitchens. This cheap nutritional superfood whose properties are acknowledged the world over is a powerful antioxidant and antibiotic. Combine a pinch of this wonder spice with a cup of milk, by boiling them together for 5 mins and have it just before going to bed regularly. It can do wonders for children who fall ill frequently and for swimmers (to prevent eye and ear infections). Turmeric milk increases the immunity of the body which is a lifelong benefit.

2.METHI SEEDS(METHRE’)- These tiny brown seeds are a part of many Indian pickles and curries. They give flavour to food and medicinal benefit to the body. Methi seeds contain ‘Pectin’ a gum present in them which has been found to be effective in reducing blood glucose and cholesterol levels as compared to other fibres. It helps diabetics in managing their blood sugar levels very effectively. Soak up to half a teaspoon of these miraculous seeds in some water overnight .On an empty stomach next morning have the seeds as well as the water.

3.GARLIC (LASSUN) – Another powerful anti-oxidant particularly helpful in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. According to Ayurveda it is also helpful in preventing certain cancers; however this is not yet fully backed by scientific research. To reap the benefits of this superfood, have 2 cloves of chopped garlic (Indian variety) every morning on an empty stomach.

4.AMLA (INDIAN GOOSEBERRY) – One of the best sources of vitamin C, inexpensive, easily available and highly beneficial. It helps boost immunity, and guards against cold, cough and common flu(viral).It is the only food that retains almost 80% of its Vitamin C content even after cooking and preservation(pickles and chutneys).It is a cheaper yet more nutritious alternative to fruits as oranges and kiwi.

5.SPROUTS – One of the best snacks that can be eaten every day. Rich in fiber, iron, proteins and Vit B12. When combined with cucumber, tomatoes and carrots, they become even more nutritious. Sprouts chaat or salad is a nutrient powerhouse .Make sure to lightly steam them with a dash of salt and add lime juice before eating to increase their mineral and vitamin absorption.

6.GROUNDNUTS(PEANUTS/MUNGPHALI) – Believe it or not they are a much cheaper but nutritionally superior alternative to almonds and cashews. They have more proteins and lesser amounts of fats than any other nut, making them easy on the pocket and on the calorie counter.  A good source of iron and fibre, They make an excellent high protein, low calorie power snack ‘ON THE GO’...that can be served in a wide variety of ways.

7.SOYA – Soya or the  poor man’s meat is the only ‘A’ class protein that is vegetarian !! It is one of the best sources of calcium, phosphorous and iron.  That helps in balancing the hormones especially during menopause. Include it in your diet as soybean, soy milk, soy paneer and soy nuggets. Soya is ideal for vegetarians wanting to meet their protein requirements while exercising and toning up. Soya milk is also a good substitute for those who are allergic to normal milk.

8.JAGGERY(GUD)- A piece of jaggery is still the favourite dessert after meals in rural India. If only, it were to become a trend among the urban population it would prevent anaemia in teenage girls and women being a good source of iron, calcium, phosphorous. Use it instead of white sugar (which gives only empty calories) wherever possible e.g. kheer, dalia , oats, curds and even tea. When combined with peanuts it forms a nutritious sweet (chikki), which is loved by all.

9.WALNUTS–Romans considered walnuts to be the ‘food of the Gods’. A rich source of protein, B vitamins, fibre, omega -3 fatty acids(helps in lowering cholesterol)along with remarkable anti – oxidant activity. They are beneficial in arthritis, asthma, eczema and psoriasis. Have a couple of walnut halves with your porridge or oats or as a garnish on your salad every day to notice a shine in your skin and hair.

10.BANANAS-  Filling, nutritious ,nutrient intense, easily available, cheap and loved by all are some of the words that describe bananas. They are high on calcium and potassium and growing children should be encouraged to eat bananas and so should the elderly. They can come to the rescue of those suffering from constipation and those looking to gain weight the natural way.


           The relationship of food and High blood Pressure


JUST 10 years back no one could have imagined a 28 yr old young executive or a 30 something techie suffering from high B.P. But this is sadely true. More and more young people in the age group of 28-40 yrs are the regular victims of high B.P owing to “stress”, “long hours” and “bad eating habits” with little or no exercise this forms a lethal combination . This common misconception that  High B.P affects only the middle and old age groups has resulted in the disease going largely untreated and being a major contributor to heart diseases, stroke and renal failure.

Even though Hypertension or high B.P as its commonly called is the most common lifestyle disease of industrialized societies. Half the people who suffer from high B.P are not even aware that they have a potentially harmful disease and the other half who are aware don’t know how to control it any other way apart from medicine. So…here are a few very effective dietary pointers ….


  1. SPRINKLE ME NOT – Don’t add extra salt at the table , avoid sprinkling on salads, curd and fruit. Try a flavor enhancer like mint or roasted cumin powder instead.

  2. STAY CANNED -  canned food items as salted and smoked meats and fish are preserved in brine(salt water) and are very high on the salt content. They are best avoided, switch to broiled or grilled fresh foods instead.

  3. STRAIGHT PACKET -  highly salted foods such as potato chips, salted nuts, popcorn and  namkeens, bhujia etc sometimes have 500 times the salt content they should normally have.  Banish them from your pantry.

  4. BOTTLES AND JARS - Foods such as ketchup, soya sauce, chilly sauce, pickles, papads and chutney use obnoxiously high quantities of salt as preservatives . They are  best avoided if bought from the market, but a homemade version catering to specifications can be made for die hard pickle and chutney lovers.

  5. CHINESE CHECKERS – This one is especially for the ladies . Chinese  food is getting popular by the day, with every nook and corner serving their own version of hakka noodles and momos, but a common flavour enhancer in  Chinese food is aginomotto . It’s a type of salt and can increase your B.P . practice moderation.

  6. TOO CHEESY - salted butter and processed cheese (all forms) are the hidden sources of salt. We don’t even realise when the added salt in them enters our system .Luckily unsalted butter is easily available in India now and a low salt cheese option can go a long way in improving your health.

  7. DRESS ME UP – Almost all salad dressings as mayonnaise and mustard, vinaigrette contain salt in them. Make your own salad dressings at home with simple ingredients as olive oil, vinegar, chilli flakes and fresh black pepper but minus the salt  and enjoy a much healthier version made especially for you.

  8. BAKED - Bakery products as cakes, pastries, buns and bread are made with baking soda(another type of salt), avoid them as much as possible.

  9. PIK ME UP -  All is not lost , with the awareness levels  regarding health and healthy eating rising, normal salt has got new age alternatives. ,Pick up  low sodium salts as Tata lite and LoNa for regular cooking .

  10. SOMETHING EXTRA – Avoiding alcohol and smoking and Exercising regularly can help you maintain your B.P for years and steer clear of the possible progression of the disease into a heart or kidney problem..



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