FAQ - regarding my diet plan at Get Fit With Tithi


Q:-What are your consultation timings?

A:-10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

Q:-How can I fix an appointment?

A:-You can call on 7042228545 or e-mail to tithiprabhakar@gmail.com

Q:- Is a free consultation possible, before I actually start the program?

A:-Yes, definitely. Only a prior appointment has to be fixed.  

Q:-How soon can I get an appointment?

A:-As early as 24 hrs from when you contact.  

Q:-What are the different types of programs available?

A:-Refer to the 'Services' page or call for more details.

Q:-Can a diet help me if i have diabetes?

A;-Yes ! ofcourse it can . We specialise in therapeutic diets of all kinds as thyroid, high bp heart disease etc.

Q:-How much time per day, would I have to devote to the health plan?

A:-Less than 5 minutes at the end of the day to write your daily diet diary!

Q:-  Are regular visits a must for the success of the program?

A:-No. Even though regular visits help you to stay motivated, due to time constraints, e-mails and phone talks also work.

Q:- Will i have to starve myself once I start the program?

A:-No, not at all. The programs are designed in such a way that normal eating patterns, socializing habits, likes and dislikes are kept in mind. 

Q:- Will the program fit into my daily eating pattern and lifestyle?

A:- Yes, absolutely. You would only make small, comfortable changes.  

Q:-Can the program be deadline-based to suit my requirements?

A:-Yes, but only realistic targets and deadlines are recommended.  

Q:-What are the additional benefits?

A:-Tips on exercises, lifestyle management and yoga are the invaluable additional benefits.  

Q:-Is the program customized?

A:-Yes. From start till end.  

Q:-Can the program even benefit people with a medical problem?

A:-Yes, they are meant to benefit everybody, especially with medical problems.  

Q:-What is the minimum time frame for results?

A:-Minimum time required would be 1 week, depending on the specific case.

Q:-What are the discounts that you offer?

A:-There are discounts on a half-yearly package, besdies special discounts on family packages and defence personnel & their families.  

Q:-Will I put on weight once I stop the program?

A:-No. a maintenance program ensures that this will never happen!

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